Mr. Huffman's Science Page

 This year I've decided to do a new interdiciplinary thematic approach called Operation Stardust. The students will learn Physics for IPC while reviewing Earth and Space Science, Medical Science, and Environment for 8th grade tests. The idea is that we are attending the Stardust Space Academy and are training for interstellar flight and we will earn badges for each area mastered. Right now we are reviewing gas laws and how they affect weather. 

If you are having issues with grades or understanding concepts in my class, let me make a few suggestions. Your Text book is for further enrichment of each unit and I will give you updates on when a chapter is available for extra credit opportunities.

Secondly, tutoring is available on Mondays, from 3:30 to 4:15. You may re-take tests then, finish labs, or get a review of concepts we've been covering. You may also get a pass to come see me in Study lab to finish labs or get extra help.

This is not a reliable source for all homework assignments. Everyday you will be turning in a lab report for the lab we did 2 classes before. (for example: we do a lab on Monday, discuss it on Wednesday, then turn it in on Friday.) Major projects and test will also be assigned here but not every daily assignment. Please copy those assignments and due dates from the board. 


Key Dates and Assignments

Sciencesaurus (218-230) or Sci 8 (Ch. 11)textbook Reading

Quizstar- Due  27th

TV Doc. due March 6th

So far this semester I've mastered:

Speed and Velocity Calculations


Solar System

Stars and the Universe


Force, Work, and Power

Plate Tectonics and Rock Cycle

Newton's Laws

Gas Laws and Weather

Right now I'm studying :


Labs we've done so far:

Speed Lab 1

Speed Lab 2-6

Pendullum Lab

Balloon Drop Demo

Stair Lab

Incline Plane Lab

Lever Lab

Photo Gallery